Natural Magic
Natural Magic is a live performane acompianied by live novice melodica. The Mantis Shrimp has the most advanced eyes in the entire animal kingdom. Filmed by Tucker Marder at Wet Pets in Pittsburgh, PA. Music: The BBC's Blue Planet Soundtrack.

Luck Be A Lady
This is bad video documentaion from a live perfomce at Three Rivers Casino that involed relaesing 20,000 Lady Bugs over the course of an evening of gambling from inside an altered pair of suit pants.

Video filmed from first person perspective of a puppet robot performing acts of consequence such as theft, drug use, vandalism and receiving a lap dance. Watch Here

Frog Shake


Videos of animals dubbed with audio from video game culture: A boy excited about receiving a video game console for christmas, boys narrating their gameplay and a girl lamenting the discontinuation of her favorite video game. There is no audio for the first 30 seconds.


Toys in Museums