STAMPEDE! was a large scale outdoor puppet show featuring 215 live crested indian runner ducks. Three large plodding abstract shapes slowly herded the ducks around a 35 acre plot of land in Watermill, NY. A set of bleachers supplied seating for an audience to observe from a fixed position. Stampede was given a live score by a vibraphonist who appeared to be playing one of the shapes. The plot of land where Stampede took place is one of the few remaining large conserved agricultural fields left in eastern long island, an era once famous for its production of duck. The crested indian runner duck is known as an ornamental duck due to its poor meat yield and gamey taste. They have a slender silhouette and stand with a more erect posture then a mallard or pekin duck. They have been cross bred with the standard crested duck so that they have a large feathery pom pom on the crown of their head. The pom pom is a purely ornamental feature of the duck and appears on both males and females. I received the ducks when they were a day old from a hatchery in Texas when they were a day old and raised them to maturity.